About Pack 20

Thank you for your interest in Madeira Pack 20 Cub Scouts!

Who is Cub Scouts Pack 20?

We are a volunteer-run organization, supported by both the national Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and the local Dan Beard Council.  Membership is available to boys and girls in grades K-5, though Cub Scouting is a family activity and siblings and other family members are encouraged to attend all events and meetings.  Pack 20 entering our 77th year as a Pack, having served multiple generations of Madeira youth!

Why Join Cub Scouts Pack 20?

First and foremost, It's fun!  You and your Cub Scout will get the chance to participate in memorable events like Pinewood Derby, rocket launches, camping, fishing, archery, etc.

There are a lot of activities for your kids to choose from (sports, dance, music, etc.).  Scouting is unique in that the foundational goal is to help kids build a skill set that sets them up for happy, healthy, and successful lives.  Specifically, we focus on development in three key areas (as referenced in the "Scout Oath" that we recite at every meeting):

Physically strong - We keep the Cub Scouts active inside and outside, they learn physical skills (building, camping, cooking), and gain confidence in what they can accomplish physically.

Mentally awake - Cub Scouts are challenged to think in new ways (teamwork, problem-solving, leadership skills).

Morally straight - Cub Scouts are encouraged to think beyond themselves, developing a sense of responsibility and accountability to their families, communities, their faith, and the world at large.

How often are Cub Scout Pack and Den meetings?

You will find that Cub Scouting is a highly flexible program.  There are generally three meetings per month and a handful of special weekend activities per year.  Every Cub Scout is welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings with a few being "required" meetings. Any pertinent material that is missed can be made up easily by working with a family member and using the information in the Cub Scout handbook.  We don't want a child to have to choose between Cub Scouts and sports.

Here is some more detail on the types of meetings we have throughout the year:

Den Meetings - 2 x per month.

·         Den is a group of 8-10 scouts that are the same age and gender.  It is led by two adults (Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader) and often includes participation from other parents as well.

·         This is the "home base" for the scouts.  They will generally stay in the same Den until they graduate to Boy Scouts in 5th grade.

Pack Meetings - 1 x per month.

·         All of the Pack 20 dens come together once per month for celebrations, fun activities, and special events.

·         This is an opportunity to engage with the larger scouting group, across ages and genders (older scouts help younger scouts, younger scouts learn from older scouts)

·         Scouts get a chance to stretch their skills (speaking in front of a group, playing games with kids of different skill sets, etc.)

Special Events - 3-5 times per year and usually on weekends

·         Participate in the community-wide events (parades, volunteer opportunities, festivals)

·         Get outside and have fun (camping, ninja warrior training)

·         Rewards for hard work (i.e. we went tubing as a reward for achieving popcorn selling goal)

How do we sign up?

Scouts need to fill out a Youth Application (see John Pease or Brent Gravlee) and pay $30 if joining in May (gets you through December 2018 and includes a "Boys' Life" subscription)

Adults interested in volunteering for any year-round positions need to fill out an Adult Application (not necessary for single event volunteers like campouts, pinewood derby, etc.)

What does a family need to do to be "successful" in scouting?

Boy participation:

·         Attend when you can, though nothing is required!

·         Bring a positive attitude - we're here to have fun!

·         Pay attention to the leaders - be the best version of yourself

Parent participation:

·         It takes a village to raise a cub scout :) We need parents to help out throughout the year to make the magic happen.

o   There are all sorts of opportunities to help, from helping organize an event, teaching a skill, leading a function, etc.

·         Parent participation is not just good for the Pack/Den, it's also good for scouts to see their parents participating in something they value (taking an active role)!

o   Engage with the Pack/Den leadership - we want to hear from you.

o   What is working, what isn't.

o   What ideas do you have to make the experience better?

Sell popcorn:

·         We will talk more about this in the Fall.  For now, just know that the all of your annual Dues go to Boy Scouts Nationally, so popcorn is the way we fund our annual program in Pack 20.


Thanks again for your interest and please reach out with any follow-up questions!